Shadow   Services   Group,      aims   to   bring   together   the   right   combination   of   hardware,   software,   and people to deliver solutions that meet our customer's  needs. We   work   with   you   to   outfit   your   company   with   computer   hardware,   communication,   network   and software   solutions   for   your   unique   business   needs.   Whether   you’re   establishing   a   new   business   or office,    expanding    your    present    one    or    upgrading    your    ICT    systems,    we    offer    full    service consultative   sales   and   support.   Don’t   guess   which   equipment   is   right   for   your   business.   Let   our trained    ICT    professionals    recommend    the    appropriate    hardware    and    software.    We    take    into account   your   current   and   future   ICT   needs   with   flexibility   and   budget   in   mind.   The   best   ICT systems are those that are designed to scale, giving you options when and if you need them Shadow   Services   Group   is   a   distributor   of   Computer   Parts,   Hardware   &   Software,   Tablets   and   other Smart   Technology.   Our   primary   focus   is   to   provide   the   ultimate   in   convenience   for   our   clients   and resellers   by   being   a   one-stop-shop   supplier   across   the   entire   range   of   ICT   products   available   on the   market,   so   that   you,   as   a   customer   can   get   exactly   the   product   you   want   and   don't   have   to hunt   around   multiple   distributors   for   the   best   price.   By   buying   from   Shadow   Services   Group,   you get   the   benefits   of   scale   with   pricing   and   personalised   service   usually   not   available   to   small   to medium clients or resellers, from large distributors.
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