Wireless Networking From   feasibility   studies,   spectrum   analysis   and   site   surveys   to   systems design    and    implementation,    SSG    can    help    with    all    of    your    wireless networking   needs.      Whether   it’s   indoors   or   out,   we   truly   are   your   one- stop-shop. We   offers   a   wide   variety   of   wireless   network   solutions   customized   to   meet your   individual   needs.   We   provide   mesh,   WAN,   LAN,   enterprise,   point   to point   and   point   to   multipoint   wireless   services   as   well   as   wireless   site surveys.   If   you   are   just   adding   the   ability   for   laptops   to   wirelessly   access your   network   or   attempting   to   provide   wide   area   coverage,   we   have   what you need. We   have   the   ability   to   perform   detailed   site   surveys   and   pinpoint   wireless trouble-spots   in   virtually   any   environment.   Using   our   state   of   the   art   tools we    can    analyse    your    unique    wireless    needs    and    help    you    design    the perfect wireless system.
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