Video Surveillance Is     your     home,     workplace     or office   as   secure   as   it   should   be? Security   cameras   are   a   great   way to      eliminate      problems      with loitering,        theft        and        even harassment.      Shadow      Services offers   a   wide   range   of   indoor   and outdoor security products.  Good     security     involves     more than    just    a    secure    network.    Video    surveillance    is    an    excellent    way    to improve   security.   Security   systems   that   are   places   in   an   obvious   way,   not only   function   as   a   preventive   measure   to   any   undesirable   activity   but   also help   people   feel   more   secure   in   the   in   their   homes   or      workplace,   track access    to    critical    or    sensitive    areas,    increase    situational    awareness    of security   personnel.   We   offer   a   wide   variety   of   cameras   and   digital   video recorder   (DVR)   systems.      We   have   experience   with   camera   installations   of all   sizes,   from   small   two   or   three   camera   installations   using   a   computer   to store   the   video   to   installations   covering   all   aspects   of   a   business,   indoors and   out,   with   complex   dedicated   DVR's   that   only   record   when   motion   is detected.   We   have   the   knowledge   and   experience   to   help   you   design, implement   and   properly   use   the   perfect   video   surveillance   system   for you.
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