System Maintenance / Repair / Upgrades At Shadow Services Group, we provide periodic and preventive maintenance on all types of computer related equipment. Reliable,   secure   and   fast   access   to   business   applications   and   data   is   critical   to   the   success   of   your   enterprise.   If   you   are having   trouble   with   network   and   server   performance,   accessibility   or security,    we    can    help    you    evaluate    your    current    environment    and recommend and implement effective, economical networking solutions. We   can   also   provide   priority-response   service   to   help   get   you   back   up and   running   whenever   you   have   a   network   emergency.   We   respond   to urgent   requests   usually   within   6   working   hours.   We   have   a   full   repair and    maintenance    facility    and    our    dedicated    technicians    successfully repair and service networks and systems all over the island. We   also   offer   on-site   service   assessments   for   repairs,   if   your   system cannot be sent back to our offices.      
For further information or to set-up an appointment with one of our representatives, please  give us a call on Tel: +356 27388918/9 - Mob: +356 99475536 or send an email to
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