Pickup & Deliveries Have   a   busy   schedule   and   cant   find   time   to   drop   your   computer   off?   We have   the   solution   for   you.      If   you   need   us   to   diagnose   or   repair   one   of your    computers    and    are    not    able    to    drop    it    off    to    one    of    our    two locations,   you   can   have   us   pick   it   up   from   your   home   or   office.   We   will     arrange   for   a   timely   pickup   of   your   desktop   or   laptop,   repair   it,   and   bring it   back   to   you   when   we   are   done.   No   more   waiting   in   traffic,   no   more rushing out. Once    you    request    our    Pick    Up    &    Delivery    service    and    one    of    our representatives   picks   up   your   computer,   we   will   take   it   in   for   diagnostics. Once   we   have   diagnostic   results   we   will   contact   you   and   inform   you   of what   work   needs   to   be   done   along   with   the   price.      Diagnostic   service   is free   if   you   choose   to   repair   your   computer   with   us.   Otherwise,   if   no   repair is paid, there will be a diagnostic fee of €15.00. You   get   the   same   great   service   with   our   computer   pickup   and   delivery option,   without   all   the   hassle.   This   is   very   convenient   for   on   the   go   people or   disabled   customers.   To   arrange   a   pickup   simply   give   us   a   call   and   let them   know   you   want   to   have   your   computer   picked   up   for   service.      In addition   to   computer   hardware   repairs,   we   can   perform   virus   removal and re-install operating systems  Sit back relax, just give us a call and we’ll handle it all!
For further information or to set-up an appointment with one of our representatives, please  give us a call on Tel: +356 27388918/9 - Mob: +356 99475536 or send an email to support@shadowservices.com
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