Needs Assessment and Survey A   network   system   can   be   one   of   a   companies   greatest   strengths   but      it   can also   be   their   worst   nightmare.   We   use   a   comprehensive   approach   to   learn just   how   your   enterprise   make   use   of   it’s   computer   system   and   provides you with options to better fit your individual needs. As   part   of   this   process   we   help   you   to   learn   what   your   employees   like   and don't   like   about   the   system.   We   test   and   verify   each   and   every   wire   in   the network   and   identify   areas   where   tasks   can   be   streamlined   or   automated. SSG,   also   will   look   at   the   growth   trend   of   your   company   to   ensure   your system will be able to handle your growing needs.      
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