Gaming Computers Systems Shadow   Services   offers   a   full   spectrum   of   thoughtfully   designed   and   passionately engineered   gaming   computers   enhanced   by   cutting   edge   technology   and   custom modifications.    Our    gaming    computers    will    satisfy    any    hardcore    gamer    or enthusiast.    Our    silent    gaming    computers    will    assist    you    in    dominating    your opponents,   and   conquer   noise   levels   while   pushing   your   hardware   to   the   limit. We know how to unleash the power you need! There   are   three   main   factors   that   go   into   a   gaming   computers'   performance: video   card,   processor,   and   memory.   The   processor   will   be   running   the   interface, AI,   and   everything   else   behind   the   scenes,   while   the   video   card   takes   care   of calculating   and   displaying   graphics,   along   with   helping   the   CPU   in   some   other specialized    tasks    like    physics.    Memory,    or    RAM,    isn't    so    much    about    speed (though   that   has   a   small   effect)   as   it   is   about   having   enough   to   properly   cache your    applications    and    games.    If    you    have    an    insufficient    amount    then    the computer   has   to   cache   to   the   hard   drive   space   instead,   which   brings   the   system to a crawl. Different    genres    and    styles    of    games    tend    to    have    different    performance requirements.   First-person-shooters   tend   to   be   most   demanding:   they   involve constant    movement,    and    high    frame    rates    are    critical    to    ensure    smooth gameplay   and   the   ability   to   take   out   enemies   quickly.   Strategy   games   tend   to have   less   going   on   visually   at   any   given   time,   so   they   don't   put   as   much   of   a   load on   the   video   card.   Some   games   are   very   unique.   For   example,   with   certain   games once   you   have   a   certain   level   of   video   card   anything   beyond   that   is   wasted,   and the   differences   between   brands   of   video   chipsets   and   drivers   makes   a   much bigger   difference   than   raw   processing   power.   Talk   to   us   about   what   games   you'll be   playing!   Shadow   Services   stays   on   top   of   current   games   and   what   custom build   gaming   PC   configurations   serve   them   best,   so   you   don't   have   to!   We   can match   the   video   card   to   your   specific   types   of   games   so   that   you   don't   over- spend or under-spend.
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