Custom build Computer systems At     SSG,     we     have     specialise     in     building     custom     computers     for businesses,   enthusiast   and   home   users.   We   offer   a   wide   selection   of custom   configuration   options,   as   well   as   pre-designed      systems.   If   you require   customisation,   we   will   be   happy   to   send   you   an   individualized custom quote that meets your needs. So,    if    none    of    our    wide    range    of    prebuilt    PC    systems    fit    your    bill exactly,   then   why   not   design   your   own   system.   Here,   at   SSG   Custom Build   service,   we'll   do   all   the   hard   work.   Not   only   will   we   check   for compatibility   issues,   assemble   and   configure   your   chosen   hardware and   install   the   latest   drivers   and   operating   system   of   your   choice,   we will   also   give   it   a   thorough   workout   prior   to   it   leaving   our   production line.
For further information or to set-up an appointment with one of our representatives, please  give us a call on Tel: +356 27388918/9 - Mob: +356 99475536 or send an email to
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