Computers and systems upgrades A    system    upgrade    involves    either    adding    new    components    to    an    existing    piece    of    IT equipment   or   installing   more   recent   software.      System   upgrades   can   be   an   effective   way   to extend the life of some computer equipment. It's   important   to   understand   what   can   be   achieved   with   an   upgrade.   Hardware   upgrades   can't easily    make    a    slow    computer    fast    or    turn    a    black-and-white    printer    into    a    colour    one. Upgrading   to   the   latest   software   can   be   counter-productive   if   your   computer   isn’t   up   to   the job of running it. System   upgrades   are   about   making   meaningful   improvements.   You   can   breathe   new life    into    computers    by    adding    more    memory,    speed    up    the    time    it    takes    to    run programs   by   swapping   the   hard   drive   for   a   solid   state   drive,   or   make   laptops   more useful by adding a high-capacity battery. If    you’re    on    a    budget,    purchasing    extra    memory    for    your    laptop    may    boost    your business   productivity   until   you   are   ready   to   invest   in   a   new   system.   This   is   usually   the single most effective upgrade for business computers. The   most   commonly   upgraded   items   are   computers   and   servers.   These   are   usually   made   with   standard   components   and   are   easy   to open   up,   making   system   upgrades   relatively   simple   and   cheap.      Servers   are   often   good   candidates   for   system   upgrades.   These expensive   pieces   of   equipment   have   a   longer-than-average   lifespan,   which   you   can   extend   by   adding   more   memory   and   storage.     It's   quite   easy   to   add   extra   memory   or   disk   space   to   desktop   computers   too.   This   can   make   ageing   machines   more   suitable   for   basic use.      As a rule, the more expensive a computer was to buy initially, the more worthwhile a system upgrade is likely to be.
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