Computer Repairs Commercial   or   Residential,   you      depend   on   technology,   so   when   you   choose   a computer repair service or IT Technology company, you want four things: You   want   a   computer   repair   service   &   IT   Company   with      well   trained technicians.  No semi-trained Geeks. You   want   a   computer   repair   service   that   cares   about   your   business.     They     should     learn     your     business     in     order     to     make     technology recommendations that save you money or boost your productivity. You    want    a    computer    repair    service    you    can    rely    on.        This    means showing   up   when   promised,   responding   quickly,   and   solving   problems the firsttime. We   try   our   very   best   to   provide   you   with   a   cost   effective   computer repair service that not only makes sense technically but also financially. We   have   gained   expertise   in   providing   reliable   Computer   Repairing   Services   to the   clients.   We   are   backed   by   experienced   and   qualified   computer   system engineers   that   follow   a   systematic   approach   to   repair   any   type   of   hardware problem   encountered   in   your   system.   Our   Computer   Repairing   Services   are rendered to the clients at discounted service charge. We   can   offer   support   onsite   at   the   comfort   of   your   home   or   office.   Just   call our   technical   team   on   27388919   /   99475536   to   set   up   an   appointment   or send   an   email   with   your   details   on   and   we   will contact you accordingly. Some   items   or   repairs   can`t   be   performed   onsite.   Other   times   you   may   not have   the   possibility   to   bring   the   item   to   our   technical   centre.   In   these   cases, we offer the service to pick up and deliver the product at a small charge. Just   send   us   an   email   on   so   that   we   can   settle an ideal time to collect or deliver your product.
For further information or to set-up an appointment with one of our representatives, please  give us a call on Tel: +356 27388918/9 - Mob: +356 99475536 or send an email to
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